I Lived (Official Music Video)


OneRepublic - Native (VEVO Tour Exposed)

Title: Ordinary Human

Artist: OneRepublic

Played: 5545 times

@OneRepublic: 12 1/2 hrs in studio, under slept, over caffeinated, still going… Either need therapy or rest. Always in London

Title: Ordinary Human

Artist: OneRepublic

Played: 693 times


Ordinary Human original song from The Giver by OneRepublic 

This is the 1 minute preview from the The Giver trailer (still including the dialogue from the trailer). Still great quality nonetheless.


Just random gifs for melody-in-me :))

Title: Gold Digger (cover)

Artist: OneRepublic

Played: 683 times


Cover “Gold Digger” by OneRepublic it’s version from “Bite of Las Vegas”

MEET: Ryan Tedder

Title: Cosmos

Artist: OneRepublic vs. Florence + the Machine

Played: 911 times

All The Right Moves x Cosmic Love | OneRepublic & Florence + the Machine